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Spreading a Rumour...of Blackberries, that is!

I don't like spreading rumors, but I'll make an exception for Jojoelle.

My newest perfume is one I received in the mail from Jojoelle, and it's a delightful spring scent titled Rumour of Blackberries.

This scent is one of Jo's signature creations and it is just lovely. She describes this as " fruity sugared blackberries, tart sliced lemon, and the sultry smell of sweet vanilla musk. Perfectly balanced!" 

It is as described and more. 

The predominant notes to this nose are blackberries and a sensuous vanilla musk. It is a given cheery, spring time flair with the tart lemon. 

Those who adore Falling in Love by Philosphy will adore this blend. The blackberry is very similar. On the other side of the coin, those who do not favor Falling in Love (like me) will also like this because it is a different scent. Falling in Love features blackberry musk, floral notes and top notes of vanilla. The vanilla, which is a note I adore, never comes to its full potential on me with Falling in Love. It is more of a musky/floral/blackberry and doesn't work on me.

Jo's signature blend will satisfy those who want the vanilla to come out without it being a gourmand/foody scent. This is really sophisticated while remaining flirty and fun.

As always, Jo's customer service is top-notch. She's great at what she does and I look forward to more of her signature blends. Of the fragrances I have tried from Jo, Cremasse and Chocolate Boheme are my favorites, but something tells me Rumour of Blackberries will be a spring and summer favorite!

Find this online at Jojoelle.