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Shop Local: Pittsford Farms Dairy

I have to thank my friend and fellow blogger, Christine, for mentioning Pittsford Farms Dairy in her blog again recently.

I tend to forget about this place--a great local dairy I used to walk by almost daily while I was a college student taking long walks near the canal in Pittsford.

Pittsford Farms Dairy offers a nice selection of --you guessed it--dairy products, which are locally made and free of hormones. This is important to me as a mom and a woman. Foods today are so full of chemicals and hormones and I don't want my dairy products and meats to be full of nasties.

You can buy a full gallon of hormone free milk for less than $5 at PFD. This is a great savings over the cost of the Wegmans brand of organic, hormone free milk (which is over $6 per gallon). We live in a house with 2 huge milk drinkers--Benjamin and Tom both drink LOTS of milk. I drink a glass or two per day. Given that our 3 year old consumes, on average, a quart per day of milk himself, it is crucial that it not be full of hormones which may affect him later on in life.

We went to the dairy last week. The boys flocked over to the baked goods case by the cash register. Nick chose a smily faced cookie and Ben chose a homemade cinnamon sugar donut for their dessert.

If you're a chocolate milk connoisseur as our Ben is, you will find none better than Pittsford Farms Dairy. Ben first had this chocolate milk at Sticky Lips (a great BBQ restaurant at the corner of Culver Road and Atlantic Avenue in the city). After the first sip, he quickly declared it the "best milk in the whole wide world." This is available at the dairy for $6.29 a gallon. We bought a half gallon (I think it was $3.75) thinking it would last a few days and we were wrong. Ben loved it.  

You may choose glass bottles (with $1 added as a deposit the first time around) or plastic.

I also bought some Half & Half, which is nice and creamy to add to my coffee in the morning. This was $1.65 for a pint of hormone-free half & half and I can tell you that it tastes better than any other.

Locally harvested honey is also for sale, as is pure maple syrup and a selection of baked goods. The freezer case is full of tempation. You can buy some delicious ravioli from another local business, The Ravioli Shop, in several delicious varieties. I did succumb to tempation and bought a container of Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream from Rochester's Corn Hill Creamery. This ice cream is delicious and the crunchy pieces taste just like what you'd find in an ice cream cake. Tom and I shared this one. Next time I will get their Chocolate Sorbet.

Not only do I like the fact that the ice cream is delicious and locally made, but I like that it's just the basics to make the recipe--nothing fummy or artificial added.

I plan to return this weekend to Pittsford Farms Dairy. It will be our regular stop for dairy products. We buy lots of our produce at Aman's on East Ridge Road in Irondequoit, as well as our cheese, which is also local.  In the warm weather, we regularly go to the Public Market in the city.

Find the Pittsford Farms Dairy in the village of Pittsford, across from the Del Monte Lodge and right near Schoen Place.