Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

SHOP IRONDEQUOIT: Aman's on E. Ridge Road

$17.07 of items in this bag

Valentine's cookies from Leo's--as you can tell from the icing, the boys already had their hands all over them.

Lemons (USA) are $0.39 each at Aman's

My all-time favorite local honey

NY cheddar from Cuba Cheese Shoppe in Cuba, NY

Ben (3) and Nick (5) with their new animals

I love it when I can get not only great bargains, but buy locally made items at the same time.

In East Irondequoit (a 5 minute drive from here in West Irondequoit), there is a store called Aman's. It is a garden center meets gift shop meets farm market. You can buy fresh produce, local foods, greeting cards, candles and more at Aman's. They even have some yummy Pizzelle cookies there.

Ben and I went there this morning while Nick was at school. I was so thrilled to see that Aman's offers my favorite honey: Doan Farms Buckwheat Honey, which is made in a town about 25 minutes away. I bought a 16 ounce container.

We looked at the produce and I saw that USA produced lemons were only $0.39 each! That is great. We eat lots of lemons in this house and the last I checked, lemons at both Wegmans and Wal-Mart were $0.89 each for a comparable size. Ben decided we needed 6.

If you're a Rochestarian, you've no doubt heard of Leo's bakery. When I was little, there was a Leo's at East View Mall, back when it was small and had dark green carpeting throughout. My mom used to take me to Leo's and I'd get a cookie or a brownie. Aman's offers a small selection of cookies from Leo's, and Ben chose two large cookies.

I was looking at the dairy section and found some great cheese: NY aged cheddar from Cuba Cheese Shoppe (Cuba is a small town not that far from here). Their cheese is delicious, so I also got a block of cheese.

I thought we were done and then Ben spied a basket of stuffed animals for Valentine's Day. He flashed his big sea blue eyes at me with a sweet little "PLEASE???" from his mouth, so we ended up picking out 2 animals: a gorilla for Ben named Hearty (since he has a heart on his chest) and a bee for Nick. The name is in the process of being changed, as Nick decided Wii Wii (as in the game system) would be a good name. He apparently didn't know that Wee Wee is the same thing as going potty. He said he's thinking of called him Miss Bee instead.

The damage for 2 large homemade cookies, 5 lemons, a pound of local honey, an 8 ounce block of cheese, and 2 stuffed animals? $17.07 with tax. That's great--and by shopping at Aman's I was able to shop right here in my town from a local shop.