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LOCAL ETSY LOVE: Pistachio Press

I was looking on Etsy for a simple Valentine's Day card for Tom--something classic and to the point. I was thrilled to find a shop based in Rochester called Pistachio Press.

When I saw the simple "I love you" cover and clean lines, I knew it was the perfect Valentine's card for him. It arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I am extremely impressed by the high quality of the card. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

The printing on the cards made by Pistachio Press is done with the oldest form of printing: letterpress. It is just beautiful.

The cards are printed on 100% cotton Crane Lettra paper. For those who aren't familiar with Crane & Co., they have been a "green" company since 1801. That is long before green became chic. The paper is environmentally friendly and free of toxins.

The particular card I chose was $3. You'll find several single cards as well as sets at Pistachio Press, all with beautiful work.