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LOCAL ARTIST: Carol Barclay

Candle holder from Carol's Etsy shop

Necklace from Carol's second Etsy shop

Lovely porcelain set from Carol's website

The Rochester area is home to some very talented artists. Among them is Carol Barclay, owner of Barclay Studios, an online website and Etsy shop.

Carol's work has been seen at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, as well as at art shows and galleries area wide. This talented potter offers beautiful porcelain creations. You'll find small pieces such as candleholders for $12 in her Etsy shop to larger, one of a kind scupltural vases.

The pieces are simple yet bold at the same time and would make wonderful gifts. Her pieces are also something you might want to start collecting. What a great gift for a bride and groom or as a housewarming gift.

When I look at the pieces, they tell the story of understated elegance and they exude joy.

Carol's talent extends beyond her work with porcelain. She also has a young Etsy shop featuring her jewelry called Garden Glam. The necklaces and pins feature photos she has taken from her award-winning garden.

An avid gardener, photographer, and gifted potter all rolled into one equals a very talented local artist!

For locals who want to see her pieces in person,  I suggest a trip to Craft Company #6 on University Avenue. This weekend would be a great chance to head to one of my favorite local shops to check out Carol's pieces! While you're there, I also recommend treating yourself to a pair of earrings from Kristin Perkins, another Etsian whose wares are sold locally.