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Indie Finds: Beautiful Accessories for your Vanity

Sisal washcloth gift set
$7, Soapalaya on Etsy

My favorite of the Soapalaya puffs,
 $22 Etsy

What a great gift!
$24, Soapalaya Soaps on Etsy

A great gift bag
$9.75 (includes shipping), Soapalaya on LolliShops

I have been looking for some great accessories for my vanity table. I don't need anything in terms of bath and body products, but I am re-doing our bedroom and looking to add some feminine accessories from my vanity.

Soapalaya Soaps is the perfect shop for this!

I received the lovely bag in picture #4 in the mail today. Last week I was browsing over on Lollishops and saw this frou frou chic bag from Soapalaya.

The bag caught my eye, screamed fun & feminine, and I just had to have it.  I wasn't sure what I would do with the bag, but knew I liked it! 

I ended up filling it with dried lavender and added some essential oils to the mix as a sachet. It'll smell lovely and look great at my favorite space for doing my makeup.

Soapalaya Soaps has a small assortment of items on Lollishops and an established shop over on Etsy. If you're looking for a very special gift, check out the stunningly beautiful powder puffs. I have found many beautiful puffs over the years, and this shop offers some of the loveliest ones I have seen.

Soapalaya also offers several handmade cold process soaps and I have heard from a couple of regular C & G readers how wonderful they are. They look gorgeous as well. Note: they do include palm oil.

I love unique gifts, though, and plenty of bath and beauty accessories can be found in Alex's shops. You'll easily fill your cart with some gifts for others or for yourself. Be sure to check out Soapalaya today and be sure to tell her that Chic & Green sent you.