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ETSY LOVE: Boojiboo

I need another apron. Soon.

My mom gave us 2 red aprons a few years back. Tom will not wear his, so that is my work apron. I wear it so I don't spill oils and things on my clothes while I am whipping up my products. The other one is worn regularly while I am cooking.

The other day when I was baking a cake, my kitchen apron was in the wash, so I thought I could go sans apron for 20 minutes.

Before I knew it, I had spilled some canola oil on the sleeve of my soft turquoise cashmere sweater...add to that a couple of drops of dark chocolate batter before my baking was done.

I spill. I am clumsy that way. Spilling genes run in the Ziegler family. While I was growing up, I can remember my brother dragging his shirt sleeves through spaghetti sauce. My mom--not a spiller--used to even make my brother wear a "smock" to cover his shirt during sauce-covered dinners while he was home from college.

I was looking at the hundreds of pretty aprons on Etsy and came across the shop called Boojiboo.

They have all sorts of aprons there--full aprons in several styles, half aprons, and even children's aprons. There's a great selection of fabrics with a retro flair as well. I've pictured my 2 favorites.

If you have CSD (Chronic Spilling Disorder) like I do, then I suggest you visit Boojiboo and check out the aprons today. Don't forgot to tell them Chic & Green sent you.