Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit


I've been wanting to keep this a surprise until it is ready, but I'm like a little kid with loose lips that way :)

You have to check out my friend Nan's blog. This is the same wonderful Nan from Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soap, my most favorite shop on Etsy.

I buy my family's soap from Nancy and I asked her if she might be willing to make a special soapfor KZM Facial Care Boutique using my local Buckwheat Honey and my royal jelly and some other skin delights in a goat's milk formula. Much to my delight, Nan agreed!

She made the soap today and the picture on my blog is very fresh, as you can see.

There is no one I would rather collaborate with and am so happy she is doing this for me!

If you haven't checked out Aunt Nancy's shop, you really need to. I have tried MANY bars and loved each and every one! It's been a year now of regular soap buying from her shop, and I know the facial bar will be loved by my customers!