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Location and blogging habits

City Girl from the great City Girl Lifestyle blog posted a meme today and I thought I'd borrow a page from her book and do the same. It's about blogging in terms of where its done and when. I'm answering the questions posed by City Girl and if you're so inclined, feel free to do the same. Here you go:

1. What city/country do you visit from?

I am in Irondequoit, NY. This is a suburb a couple minutes northeast of Rochester up by Lake Ontario.

2. Specifically, though, where are you when you browse blogs? And, if applicable, where do you write your blog? (home, work, a particular spot in your house, a cafe)

Ah, to be sitting quietly in a cafe.... I am browsing most of the time from the computer in my corner of the living room computer area. I write my blog, normally bits at a time, whenever I have a chance. This isn't always on the computer, though. I sometimes sit in our bed at night and jot down thoughts and C&G material in my journal.

3. What time of day do you browse blogs and/or write on your own blog?

Any time I have the chance. Most blog reading occurs either late at night or when Nick is at school in the morning and Ben is playing with his trains. If my boys are having quiet/nap time in the late afternoon, I will blog and read blogs as well. So often I will start a piece early in the morning before my boys are awake--then before I finish it they're up and I end up finishing and posting that 6am piece at 11pm.

4. If you have a blog, how much do you tinker with templates and/or widgets? And do you have a preferred template source?

I don't tinker with my template anymore. There was a period this summer when I tried out new templates and layouts very often. Once Jaime, the artist who designed my blog header, finished the Chic & Green banner, I felt very comfortable with my template right here from Blogger.

5. What is your favorite blog widget?

Hmm...I think that would be the Following Feature. I was late to the party installing that one, but I have been able to meet some great people whom I otherwise may never have met--people with both very similar and very diverse interests.