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SHOP ROCHESTER: Patti's Pantry

This pie candle is one of two bakery candles I found at Patti's when I went there for breakfast recently (the pictured cookie tarts were made by me about a 2 years ago).

One of my favorite places to go for breakfast is Patti's Pantry in Rochester. 

Owned and operated with lots of TLC by Patti Haefner, Patti's Pantry is convenient to those in the city, Kodak Park, Greece and Irondequoit. It's near Holy Sepulchre Cemetery at 2485 Dewey Avenue.

It's actually a prim gift shop meets a wonderful cafe, and it was only local shop in the area where you could buy my Flour City Bakery products before I closed the business. You can find handmade greeting cards, candles, jewelry and more while you're at Patti's. There's a great focus on goods made by local artisans, and that originally attracted me.

The walls inside are hand-stenciled and painted, the wood floors are rusting while still glistening, and everything is just wonderul and homey in the main dining area. You can shop while you wait for your food, which is scrumptious! My boys like to look at the Christmas trees which are always decorated seasonally. I think their favorite was the Halloween tree, although Nick liked the one decorated for Independence Day just as much.

You cannot go to Patti's just to shop! You must try their food, which is very affordably priced. The apple pecan pancakes are always good, as is the Monte Cristo. My favorite lunchtime treat is Patti's Brie & Apple Melt--a sandwich on raisin toast with Granny Smith apples, brie cheese, dijon and grilled onions. It's delicious!

I clearly remember my first trip to Patti's Pantry. It was a rare sunny and fairly warm day in March 2007. My dear cousin Kathy (she's really like a close aunt to me) took me there for lunch when my stepmother was up from Naples visiting. I remember we had a great waiter named Bill, and that my dessert was called Orgasm cake. It was so rich and decadent! 

I later learned that I had actually had Patti's delights before, as she used to own Patti's Pantry Trackside Kafe in a local town off down Route 104 called Ontario. It's the one place my mom and I used to go for lunch before I had the kids when she and I would shop at the LW Emporioum. the food was good then, too, although the tiny place only had room for about 10 people.

What's special about Patti's Pantry are the things that set it apart from other local eateries: the presence of Patti's mother, Granny, who helps out in the dining room and is a real peach--is one thing that comes to mind. You're always made to feel welcome, and it's a great place to take a friend for breakfast or lunch. It's the ideal place when you want a home cooked meal AND shopping rolled into one. 

My favorite shopping find at Patti's? Check it out above. This realistic, incredibly delicious-smelling handmade pie candle was only $3.75! I also bought one in apple. Next time I go, I'll have to ask Patti who made these because they were wrapped prim style in bags without a tag or business name. I cannot believe how low the prices were on these!

If you're in the area, I highly recommend a trip to Patti's Pantry!