Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

My shop is up and running again!

After making the transition from Etsy to my web boutique, I am finally ready to put up the "OPEN" sign.

Never fear--I am not closing my Etsy account. I love Etsy. Not only do I adore shopping on Etsy, but I may have a small handful of facial products available when time allows. The constant re-listing, inventory control, lack of design control, and growing fees are a main part of the move. My new site, though, gives me the ability to save a great deal of time on the operational part of my business. This, I estimate, will save me several hours of work each week. This is a good thing as Martha would say. Tomorrow my shop on Lollishops will be stocked and shoppers will then be linked over to

I'd like to offer a coupon code for my Chic & Green readers. Enter code "blog" and save 15% off your entired product purchase. It's my way of saying thanks for being such a great readership.

During this opening, I anticipate the turnaround time I experienced before my holiday closing--7 to 10 business days. As I promised on Etsy, if turnaround (the number of days from your order being placed to me completing and mailing it) ever exceeds 10 business days, my shop will close to catch up so you do not have to wait longer than acceptable for your order.

After I adjust to the new cart, the re-opening crowd, and new packing/shipping procedures for all of the new glass, etc. I plan to keep TAT at 3-4 business days.

I am being conservative as well by saying 7-10 days because if it gets as cold as they're predicting here later in the week, we may have a couple of snow days and I won't be able to get anything done during the day at all.


Oh, while I am here typing, I have a great Etsy Love shop as well as Lolli Lovelies to share with you tomorrow. This week we'll also talk about the new natural Almay Pure Blend products and review some more Organic Wear items.