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Lolli Lovelies: Mia Bella Collection

This unique piece is featured in the Winter 2009 Somerset Valentine's Edition!

Today's boutique on Lollishops is Mia Bella Collection.

The first piece that lured me in was the bold punch of turquoise in the chunky necklace. It would look great with a black boatneck top. It could easily become a signature jewelry piece for someone.

I love the Napa bracelet pictured here in the middle picture. It features shades of purple, peridot and more and is really a great piece.

For those looking to really add a statement piece, do it with the bold necklace in the first picture. This one is in the Somerset magazine Winter 2009 Valentine's edition. It is feminine and a unique blend of delicate meets bold.

Head right over to Mia Bella Collection and you'll surely find a special piece to reflect your personality!