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Lolli Lovelies: The Back Porch Shoppe

The Back Porch Shoppe on Lollishops is a must-stop boutique for serious Paris apartment-themed decorators.

If you're a regular reader, you may remember that part of my "homework" for my 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women blogging group is to heed the advice in Chapter 2 and create a sanctuary.

I was planning to repaint the sage green walls in our bedroom and get some new bedding anyway, so this comes at a perfect time. Since Tom (my hubby) says that he doesn't care if the walls are pink as long as his eyes are closed, I have been given free reign (as usual) to choose the colors and style. I am making a Paris apartment-themed room and found some gorgeous treasures the other day already to accent the bedding I purchased. The walls are going to be painted a creamy warm linen shade with crisp white trim and it is going to be a great space full of thrift store, repainted (by me) pieces, my own antiques and favorite wicker headboard which my mom found at a yard sale. I even found great linens at a greta price at

I am considering these letters from The Back Porch Shoppe. I like the K and T I see in the second picture, and those would be the letters I would order. There is also ornate cast iron at the top. How chic!

What I find really great about this shop is that for the initials in the top picture, the artist used pieces of vintage cypress siding she recovered from historic homes which were being torn down in New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. Finding beauty in destruction and transforming them--making something new out of something that otherwise would've been garbage--is something I admire. 

Make sure you head over to The Back Porch Shoppe today and tell her Chic & Green sent you.