Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Let me pick your brain

I have a question for my readers, particularly my customers.

As you know, I have gone plastic free for my jars and bottles, with the exception of the large salt scrub jar which is PET amber plastic for safety and convenience in the tub.

My deodorant is the dilemma.

This sold very well and I have had many buyers stock up. It is truly a great deodorant. The convenience of the stick is important to me--afterall, even it it were offered in a glass push up tube (which I don't even think is made), who wants a glass deodorant tube?

There are other options--a glass bottle to spritz it on, and powder formulas. That beign said, the stick is the most user-friendly. It is the most effective and it is NOT messy like the other natural alternatives.

I used to think that the other "natural" deodorants were good. I even used to buy them. While they are certainly much better than buying a tube of Secret or Arrid, they are not something I use anymore--the number one ingredient in the base used by just about every vegan/natural deodorant seller is Propylene Glycol. PEG and EDTA ingredients, also very questionable, are in the formula. I just don't unnecessary chances anymore with the ingredients if they have been shown to be very questionable.  

My deodorant is 100% natural, but it did come in a plastic tube and I see no other alternative.

I do not want to compromise more than I have to when it comes to plastics. I want to offer this product, though.

I am leaning towards offering it again since I have had so many requests. Opinions are very much welcome!