Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Follow Up: 5 Dollar French Market

Lovely extras from Jenny & Lauren

Vintage chic hand towels

My cool new pen and pencil holder

Gorgeous $5 teapot

Seam binding and a tussie mussie

Paris book with blank pages

Every now and then a shop impresses me so much that I just have to mention it again or follow up on my order.

I placed an order last week (and again last night) at Etsy's 5 Dollar French Market, a shop I featured in an edition of Etsy Love. Everything in the store sells for $5 and reflects a Paris apartment meets vintage flair.

My order arrived today and I have to tell you that it was like unwrapping a series of presents.

The lovely owners, Jenny and Lauren, included a nice handwritten note and a couple of extras with my order--a bar of soap and some beautiful tags.

I am so very impressed by each and every item I ordered, from the gorgeous vintage teapot to the Paris ribbon. The quality of each item is outstanding and I can recommend this great shop without any reservations. 

The items I ordered are going to go in our bedroom, as I am repainting it and giving it a chic Parisian theme. I will surely post pictures when I finish (one wall has primer on it right now).

Be sure to head to 5 Dollar French Market today! I've posted pictures of the items I recieved today so you can take a look!