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ETSY LOVE: C'est Tres Magnifique!

Saturday morning I was checking emails and my friend Trina pointed me in the direction of an Etsy shop she had a hunch I'd adore. She was right!

The 5 Dollar French Market is a wonderful shop featuring Paris apartment style treasures for your home. Everything in the store is $5 each. Everything.

The lovely women from New York who opened this shop are the savvy Jenny & Lauren, and I have a feeling their shop is going to evolve into something huge soon. We've all heard of dollar stores, but a $5 Paris apartment themed shop is a whole other world!

First of all, everything looks so pretty! I just bought two items. I was going to post this blog first and decided to go order what I wanted so you didn't snap them up before me :)

I just ordered a vintage spool with mint ice cream colored seam binding. Do I bind seams? No, I wouldn't know how, but this will be so pretty in in our bedroom, which I am decorating with a Paris apartment theme (when I find 2 days to paint and re-do things...). I also bought a pretty pencil holder with a French theme to put my pens beside my bed for my journal writing.

You have to run over and check this shop out. Thank you so much to Trina for finding this shop and telling me about it. This store on the Karley-excitement scale rates right up there with cupcakes, cake bites and teas!

Hurry on over to The $5 French Market and tell them le Chic & Green sent you!