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Breakfast in a Bag

My favorite is the Numi tea in Honeybush!

A wonderful gift from Laura! Breakfast in a Bag!

I was fortunate to receive many wonderful gifts this Christmas, all of which I appreciate so very much. One of my most favorites was this thoughtful gift from my brother and his wife. Laura, my sister in-law, put this collection of items together into what she called a "Breakfast in a Bag".

It was such a great idea! First of all, Laura is a fabulous cook. I remember being incredibly intimidated by her the first time I met her (Thanksgiving 2002). I was just becoming interested in cooking then and had a great deal to learn. My mom asked Laura and me to chop some fruits and vegetables for dinner. I just hacked at everything while Laura made perfect little cubes. I truly think that's the moment I decided I wanted to learn more to improve my cooking skills.

Laura makes homemade jams and if we lived in the same area instead of states apart, I'd surely be taking the boys over often to visit and play with Matilda (my niece who will be four in March). The kids would play and Laura and I would watch as we share her homemade delights over a cup of coffee or tea. 

She made 4 bags of her incredible granola in two varieties. They were both scrumptious. Nick liked it, too--separating the coconut from the rest of the mix so he could savor each white, flaky morsel when his bowl of granola was gone. Laura listed the wholesome ingredients on little tags and every bite was delicious!

Also in the bag were some wonderful mixes from Stonewall Kitchen, from pancake & waffle mixes to a wonderful pumpkin quick bread which we ate with Christmas dinner.

Laura, a regular Chic & Green reader, also carefully selected some delicious organic teas for us. I adore TAZO tea, and there was a box in the gift bag, and she also included a box of Numi teas, which are wonderful. As I type this, I'm enjoying some Numi Bushmen's Brew Honeybush tea with a locally harvested wildflower honey.

I just want to thank you, Laura, for making such great choices for me knowing how much I love handmade items from small businesses, organic foods, and more. We thoroghly enjoyed our breakfast in a bag--and it was especially nice knowing everything was made--and chosen--with love.

By the way, Laura officially became family 5 years ago today. Happy Anniversary, Jeff and Laura!