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Themed Gift Basket Idea: Lemon Love

I love lemons. I clean with lemons, wear lemon scents in the warmer months, and love to use them in my cooking.

I was using my Lemon Curd Shampoo That Rocks today from In a Lather along with my Crater Lake Company London Lemon Curd Conditioner. I decided to spray on some of my hair & body mist and perfume in House Blend (Lemon Vanilla) and it got me thinking what a great gift basket this would be. CLC is closed for the holidays, as am I, but there is still some time left to make that lemon lover in your life a great basket full of handmade treats in a lemon theme.

Here are my suggestions:

Lemon Honey Olive Oil Soap from Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps $5.50

Honey Lemon Green Tea in a tin from Teaman $6

Lemon Noel bag of tarts from Candles from the Keeping Room $4.75

Lemon Currant Scone Mix from Tea for All Reasons $9.95

Put these in a basket--maybe a fabric lined white wicker one, or a little wooden crate--with some fresh lemons to carry the theme throughout. I have tried all of the above sellers and can recommend them.