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Some Bathed and Infused Talk

I neglected to mention my Bathed and Infused orders. It was unintentional--I just had a question about my order and wanted to try a product out before reporting back to my readers.

Bathed and Infused was having an incredible sale, so I ordered right around Thanksgiving.

I ordered a body wash (paraben and SLS-free) for the boys and me, and some other items as gifts. I am so loving my Handmade Christmas this year because I am having fun going through everything and making up some really cool gift baskets! As I have mentioned before, nearly everything we're giving this Christmas is from Indie businesses and local shops. Tom is getting a Wii and the bulk of the kids' gifts are not handmade, but I am so happy to say that at least 75% of our gifts are handmade this year.

The 2 BI orders are being divvied up. I am gifting the 3 piece set in the wonderful gardenia blend called The Pin Up and giving three body mists to my sister in law. I thought Elaine would enjoy some of these items because she lives in Colorado and BI is based in Colorado.
Here is what I ordered:

One arrived last week and the other was just delivered by Fed Ex about 45 minutes ago. 

Here are the order items:

2 ounce Body Mists in Sake, Margarita and Pink Champagne (gift)
4 ounce Body Mist in The Pin Up (gift)
4 ounce Tea Infused Body Wash in Santa's Sundae (this one is mine--well, and for the boys, too)
4 ounce Tea Infused Body Wash in The Pin Up (gift)
Scrub Bar in Cremasse (for moi)

I have smelled everything. It is so tempting to try everything, but I have to refrain from doing so since most everything is a gift. I'm a big girl. I can control myself this time!

Elaine will like the beverage-inspired mists. She loves drinking margaritas, handed out bottles of Sake as wedding favors, and I just think she'll adore the smell of Pink Champagne.

My lucky gift recipient of the 3 The Pin Up items loves both musk and gardenia, so I know this will be a hit!

Tonight I will try out the scrub bar! It smells wonderful.

I ordered a Santa's Sundae Tea Infused Body Wash. The ingredients list is posted on the site and looks good--no parabens or SLS. I was concerned when my order arrived because both body wash labels include parabens on the ingredients list. I emailed BI and Curtis, one half of the husband and wife team behind BI, answered me back promptly.

He said that the wash is, indeed, paraben-free. Their new labels hadn't arrived in time to put them on the bottles.

I appreciate his fast and friendly response to my question. One thing I can say for sure is that you'll get great customer service and some really nice products when you order from Bathed and Infused.

This morning I used my new body wash. It smells divine. It's a fragrance blend of egg nog ice cream, caramel and gingerbread cookies. It's heavier on the caramel, in my opinion, and a great balance of the creamy egg nog and gingerbread. It is a mild gingerbread free of spicy notes. It's wonderful! My skin is so used to Aunt Nancy's soaps that I was worried my skin would be dry. No worries, this was gentle on my sensitive skin. It lathered very lightly and cleansed gently without stripping my skin. I am very impressed with this product.

I smell great today by the way. I used this great body wash from Bathed and Infused along with Cocoa Pink Squeaky Shampoo is Egg Nog Frosted Cupcake, and JojoElle Hair Conditioner in Chocolate Boheme (chocolate and gingerbread blend). They layered so beautifully!

Coming soon--the last of my Christmas gift orders will arrive soon. I have received the shipping notices from my remaining JojoElle and Cocoa Pink orders, as well as Starring...! Fragrances, so when I receive them, I'll be sharing them with you.