Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

The Last of My Cocoa Pink Orders for Christmas 2008

Box 1 from the orders

Pretty in Pink

This box had the tarts in it 

Squeaky in Red Velvet Cake (for my mom)

Princess Poo & Shine Sweetie in Egg Nog Frosted Cupcake; Shine Sweetie in Red Velvet Cake (gifts)

Soul Mate minis in Signature White & Cake on Mondays; Shower Butta in Strooiged (for me)

Perfume in Cake on Mondays

Samples from Cocoa Pink and a Peppermint Stick, which I dipped in my coffee

Some of the Tart Sampler tarts

More Cocoa Pink tarts (gifts)

We've got lots to talk about today, ladies!

First of all, I received the last of my Cocoa Pink holiday gift orders.

There's lots to look at, and I also have some product reviews from another recent CP order to share as well.

I am extremely pleased, as usual, with my order. Everything was packaged beautifully and ready for gift giving.

I am going to give the Squeaky and Shine Sweetie in Red Velvet Cake to my mom. This is a great scent--cocoa, a hint of cream cheese frosting and lots of cake notes.

I'm also gifting the Egg Nog Frosted Cupcakes Princess Poo and Shine Sweetie duo since I prefer Ilona's other shampoo, Squeaky to the Princess Poo. I also adore her Soul Mate and Junket conditioners and wasn't in love with Shine Sweetie. I have a friend who loves both of these, so these are being given to her.

The tarts will be included in some of my Christmas gift baskets.

The rest of the bunch is for me. As I have mentioned before, I am madly in love with the Cake on Mondays scent. I ordered a bottle of Eau de Parfum in this scent, requesting the strongest version she makes. It most likely needs to cure a bit, as it is quite mild. I still love this scent, though. It isn't as spicy-cinnamon like the bar of soap I covet so much, but the softness of the cake and vanilla bean notes are very evident. This will be a regular perfume in my rotation.

I ordered minis of Soul Mate and Shower Butta as well. Ilona included a mini of Soul Mate in one of my first Cocoa Pink orders which I use about twice a week. I still have that, as a little goes a long way in my hair, which is an inch or so below my chin in length. These minis will last me a while, so I ordered two of my favorites from Cocoa Pink: Signature White and Cake on Mondays.

Signature White is lovely. I have a bottle of Squeaky shampoo in this scent, and it is really wonderful. If you used to use my Rice Flower & Shea Noel, this would go beautifully with it! On me, Signature White smells a great deal like Rice Flower & Shea, blended with maybe a hint of marshmallow and vanilla. It's nice, very wearable, and can be layered with almost anything.

If you're unsure of which Cocoa Pink scent to order, Signature White is probably something you will adore as much as I do!

I just smelled the Cake on Mondays in the Soul Mate formulation, and it smells much more like my Cake on Mondays soap than my Perfume (which I haven't let cure yet). I smell the bit of spice and I just love it and know I'll be using this tomorrow!

I can't wait to open up and sniff the Cake on Mondays Conditioning Sugar Scrubbing Bar. I love scrub bars almost as much as traditional sugar scrubs (I said nothing could beat Mad City Soap's Whipped Sugar Scrub).

I opened up the Shower Butta (in Strooigoed) earlier, and have to make a couple of comments about it. First of all, I cannot tell you how it is in the shower, because I haven't tried it yet. Going entirely on scent alone, this is another winner of a scent. It is a wonderully complex blend, and you can detect each note: gingerbread is the strongest, and it is softened with some soft marshmallow and sharpened with a hint of the almondy marzipan. Beautiful.

I have to tell you that I am already planning what to use with Strooigoed. First of all, it will work so well with my shampoo in Renaissance Marchpane from Starring...! Fragrances

I am just in complete sensory overload right now. I should say that I made some coffee, so the kitchen smells like Starbucks Holiday Blend. Secondly, I am burning a "Keeping Room"
tart from Candles from the Keeping Room. Everything just smells so wonderul in here. 

As you can tell, I am extremely happy with this order. I'm happy to have received not 1, but 2 great packages from Cocoa Pink today :)

Like I said yesterday, it is like being a kid in a candy shop this time of year when I unpack the gifts I've ordered from my favorite Indie businesses. Going through everything, arranging my gift baskets, smelling everything--it's just fun.

While I'm on the subject of Cocoa Pink, I would like to tell you about the hair care mini set I ordered and posted pictures of the other day.  Today I washed my hair with the Egg Nog Frosted Cupcakes Squeaky shampoo. I am used to this formula, love it, and recommend it. This scent is no exception. It smells really festive--heavier on the egg nog than any other notes--and works like my other scents in this formula. 

I followed with Ilona's new Junket conditioner, which is a cream formulation. I really like this. I am so picky about the products I use, and this conditioner rates right up there among my favorites. I left it on for a few minutes after combing it through in the shower. It is wonderful. My hair feels great. 

I also tried out Ends with Benefits in my hair today and it worked nicely without weighing it down or looking greasy. When my hair was all dry, I applied some Glissade, a silicone-free defrizzing product. When my hair gets damp, it frizzes. So when I walk Nick over to school in the morning, the snowflakes can make my hair frizz a bit. This is a lightweight product, is keeping any frizzies and static at bay--another recommended product!