Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Last Day to Order is Wednesday!

Just a reminder that I am taking some time off this month! Tomorrow is the last day to order until the New Year! I have some wonderful gift items and stocking stuffers, from mini perfume misters to body butters. My balms, which I used to sell in bar form a couple years back, are in jars now and come in a multi-purpose hand, lip & body balm as well as a peppermint foot balm.

I am working on orders as quickly as possible to keep turnaround less than the stated 7-10 business days. Large orders with several different items will take closer to that 7-10 business days, but some small orders with just 1 item already made are going out faster.

Have you checked out my Nutmeg and Pumpkin Body Creams? These are limited-edition and made with pure essential oils. The nutmeg is my favorite--so creamy. I am actually in the middle of making more of this tonight. It is hot on the stove setting up and my husband thought I was cooking some sort of eggnog drink for him :) 

I'm happy Tom didn't drink it. I am not sure how goat's milk cream tastes, nor am I sure if nutmeg essential oil is tasty.

It's not all no work and all play for me, though, this December once orders are out. I have one full day set aside just for making some new items to launch in January some time...these will be the prefect companions to my Facial Mists and I cannot wait to tell you more about them :)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you Chic & Green readers who are also customers for your support. I have been so fortunate to have had some of you as my customers since I was a kid out of college selling lipsticks to you, and you have been loyal customers no matter where I have been for all of these years. 

I also know some of you are new readers and new customers, having heard about my business from the BODY + SOUL magazine mention or from this newspaper frenzy (Irondequoit Post, Community Post, Courier-Journal, and business & finance section of the Daily Messenger) that began October 30th. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. This has been an amazingly incredible few months for me.

I have some other neat things going on--Lollishops had their very soft early opening and I have 1 thing listed. The big hoopla, I believe, will be after Christmas. I will stock my shop fully in January. My site, is going to be worked on this month and ready for its full launch in January as well. Stay tuned because C & G readers will be the first to know.

If you need a couple of last minute gifts, head right over to my shop. All orders will be shipped no later than December 15th.

Have a great night!