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Indie Shop: New England Tattered Saltbox Prims

I recently ordered some candles from New England Tattered Saltbox Prims on eBay.

What drew me in right away is the fact that this prim shop makes their candles from beeswax. Beeswax candles are rare compared to paraffin or soy, and I refuse to buy palm wax. Beeswax is wonderful on its own (and has a natural light honey scent), but when scented and "grubbied up", it makes for a great taper candle!

The prices and customer service are wonderful. One bunch of prim tapers is $6.99, and a bunch includes 10 tapers (6 inches tall) tied with prim fabric and a vintage Christmas tag attached. These are great for gift giving. In fact, that is why I ordered them.

I also got a bag of chunky star tarts. These large chunky black prim stars look great in a black and white enamelware bowl I have. I am not in love with the chunky star scent I chose--Hearth Dried Apple Clove, as it is very strong and too "smoky" for my tastes, but the two scents I chose for the taper gifts--Buttery Gingerbread and Cranberry Bread--smell great!

I don't burn candles much. I burn tarts on an electric warmer daily, though. These candles are incredibly gift worthy and they also look great as decorations for those who love to have the scent and look of candles without a flame.