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Going greener and KZM updates

I'm on vacation right now, enjoying a few weeks off with my little guys without strict schedules or deadlines. At night, I have been enjoying relaxing on the sofa with Tom and the pooch, rather than being secluded away working into the wee hours. It's been lots of fun.

Being on vacation, however, doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking about KZM, trying to work on my site, brainstorm, etc. I've still been sitting with my pen and idea book jotting down notes so I don't forget them. Have I told you I can be a bit scatterbrained? Shocking, I know.

I've been pondering the glass vs. aluminum vs. plastic issue for several months now. I have finally reached a decision. I am going to be phasing out all plastics in early 2009. While I take care choosing "better" plastics, in terms of being more eco-friendly and phthalate-free, plastic is still plastic. The truth of the matter is that so many people still don't recycle. I see it every Tuesday (garbage day) when I drive down the street and people have their bins at the curb with plastic items evident, as opposed to being in the recycling bin.

We all know that choosing a glass bottle isn't ideal in may circumstances. Obviously, my liquid facial cleanser isn't going to be placed in glass because if you're like me, that cleanser may be sitting on a shelf in your shower. The cleanser and cleansing oil will soon be in aluminum bottles with an FDA-approved phthalate-free lining which prevents corrosion and maintains the integrity of the product. Creams will be in frosted glass jars. Tins will be used when applicable.

My new Comforting Blend body powder, a talc free shimerring powder will be out in January. I am not happy with my search for recycled cardboard containers right now or high quality puffs (without making it necessary for me to charge nearly $20 per powder), so I most likely will be using some very lovely aluminum sifter bottles for this powder as well.

While I am mentioning this powder, it is really divine. It is a talc-free dusting powder made with microfine mica with a slight golden honey shimmer. This very small amount of mica is blended with my exclusive recipe of vanilla powder, honey powder, some white clay, rice powder and more, and scented with my essential oil recipe called Comforting Blend. You'll love this!

Over the next couple weeks, I will be sharing the 2 or 3 other new items being added in early 2009. I'm excited :)