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Gift Ideas: For That Little Girl in your life

It's a good thing that I only have two beautiful boys. I tell you, if I had a daughter I would be buying hair bows, cute argyle tights, lots of pink and lavender--and I have a feeling the clothing budget for one girl would be much more than both boys combined.  Both my boys are in the same size of clothes now, even at almost 22 months apart.

As you know, I got a Cabbage Patch 25th Anniversary doll for my sweet 3.5 year old niece, Matilda. She has long gorgeous hair with waves and loose curls and I couldn't resist Emma Lee's Boutique on Etsy. There are so many great hair accessories for that little girl in your life, and these 3 found themselves right in my shopping cart.

Prices are reasonable and there is something for all tastes...Where were these when I was a little girl?

I know many of my readers have daughters who collect hair accessories like these, so I suggest heading over for some stocking stuffers--as a back up plan in case Santa Clause forgets to bring stocking stuffers, of course.