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The First of my Holiday Cocoa Pink Orders

I placed 4 orders from Cocoa Pink for gifts this season.

On November 17th, I was order number 3096 and 3097. I also am order #3132 and #3147, placed November 19 and 20, respectively.

Order 3096 arrived today. I forgot one of the gift sets I wanted and placed order 3097 a minute and a half later. I haven't received a shipping notification like I did for 3096, but I am assuming it should be here very soon (it's an Eggnog Cupcakes hair set).

Here is order 3096. It is the Cotton Candy Cane set, and it is for our 16 year old niece as part of her gift.

The set was only $8.99 including shipping and arrived in a shiny red gift box with a big white bow. This is very gift worthy. Since this is a gift, I am only going by cold sniff and appearances. I am not a fan of cotton candy scents, but I do like candy cane, and this is a sugary sweet version. It is perfect for a teenager and I am sure she'll just love it!

I am so eager to get the other set (and my other orders, which include a Cake on Mondays EDP for moi, some Red Velvet Cake shampoo and conditioner for my mom, and some other goodies).

Enjoy the pictures!