Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Closed until the new year!

I have such mixed feelings about closing my shop for a few weeks.

If this were a brick and mortar shop, I couldn't just put up a closed sign to spend time with my boys. Can you imagine going to a shop at holiday time only to see a sign on the door saying "Closed until January to spend time with our children?"

I love my shop. I love my customers-both online and in person. KZM Facial Care Boutique is a part of who I am, so I will miss it (once these orders are finished & shipped...). You know, I was talking to Deanna today. She is a reader of Chic & Green and one of my customers. I was thinking about how it always seems like my customers and I end up getting to know each other through our emails and Etsy convos--I could honestly see myself sitting down in a cafe having coffee with about half of my customers. That is really cool. So feel free to keep in touch while I am closed.

Now for the bottom line...I am thrilled to me taking this time off. I have been running around like chicken with my head cut off for a couple of months straight--with each week getting busier, but also more comfortable (if that makes sense).

If I keep up this pace, I will be done with my orders in a week. Then I will 2 full weeks until Christmas with the boys, and the rest with Tom while he is off. I am looking forward to taking leisurely baths with my bath goodies...just hanging out without worrying about time frames and deadlines. I'm lookign forward to a Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks with C & G reader, Christine, to talk about a little class I am going to do for her garden club using herbs in skin care in January...

So I put up the shingle on my door (OK--it's really just a button I clicked called vacation mode, I just had to set the scene for you) a few minutes ago and I am officially closed for new orders until 2009.

This will also leave me with more time to write in my blog. Yay!

Have a great night all!