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Blog Award!

The force behind City Girl Lifestyle has given me a blog award. Thanks, my friend.

I love writing Chic & Green and sit with my journal by my bedside late and night jotting down ideas and outlines for topics I'd like to discuss. If I had a chance to sit and type everything out, I think I'd have enough blog posts to get is to the boys' teenage years.

Anyway, part of my award involves mentioning 5 of my addictions and 5 blogs I'd like to give the same fabulous blog award to.

Let's get these addictions of out the way:

1. Coffee. My biggest addiction. I love coffee, everything about it. I truly would enjoy working in a little coffee shop someday just so I could hear the noises and smell the smells all day (and have free coffee, too). I like all kinds of coffee, from my cup of mint flavored regular coffee with cream at Tim Horton's every single morning to decadent 900 calorie coffee treats at Starbucks (which I try to avoid)

2. Cookbooks. My bedtime reading usually involved reading my favorite cookbooks--usually from Ina Garten, Giada di Laurentiis and Nigella Lawson

3. Indie "window shopping". Please, I enjoy doing my Etsy Love features so much! I am always looking for little indie shops, whether it be jewelry or candles to jump out at me while surfing the web

4. me a lipstick display and I am hooked. I am a traditional creamy tube lipstick kind of girl and am always on the hunt for a good lipstick. I am never without color on my lips (even en route to the hospital at 4am in labor with Nick or late at night with Ben...I always had my lips done)

5. My skin care routine...I cannot stray from this. I look forward to doing my skin care routine and wouldn't miss it for the world. Like my morning coffee, I can't miss it!

Now, for 5 blogs to give this award to:

Living Beautifully, Frugally by Christine (she has so many great ideas and tips for being frugal and living well)

Pink Heels by Jennifer (empowering women, plus she liked Strawberry Shortcake dolls, too)

My So Called Junky Life by Sarah (so full of wonderful vintage and shabby chic decorating ideas)

Lollishops blog by Sadie Lou (love reading because I am so excited about what the new Lollishops marketplace  has the potential to become)

Lula Boutique blog from Karen (so beautiful to look at, love her photos)