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The Best in Glow Awards!

Many competitions have a Best in Show award...Well, I am having an awards show here at Chic & Green for the Best in Glow (as in radiant, beautiful and glowing skin). The awards will be posted December 23rd!

It will be FULL of photos and comparisons and will be lots of fun! Categories/awards are for products I do not offer. 

As my Honey Brew Shampoo and Herbal Infusion Rinse are only offers at limited times, are fragrance free, etc. I will have a Best Shampoo and Conditioner category. Since I offer perfumes, but only with a base oil and essential oils, I will award an EDP with fragrance oil so there is not competition with things I make.

Here are the 10 Categories: 

Best Overall Soap
Best Scent in a Soap
Best Shampoo
Best Conditioner
Best Eau de Parfum Scent
Best Foaming or Lathering Sugar Scrub
Best Non-Foaming Sugar Scrub
Best Body Wash (Containing Fragrance Oils)
Best Overall Tarts
Best Individual Tart Scent

I am awaiting my JojoElle scrub so I can do a comparion and take pictures of it in jars on on my skin--as a sneak peek, the foaming/cleansing scrub contenders are from JojoElle, Cocoa Pink and Crater Lake Company.

I am really looking forward to this one. By the way, I am only judging these from what I consider the BEST of the BEST already (I'm not testing a dud vs a spectacular product, for example...).