Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

A beautiful gift from a beautiful person

Nick helped me open this special present.
He particularly enjoyed swinging around the grey koala that came with the package :)

This made its way from Australia to Upstate New York!

What a beautiful bag!

So roomy and pretty inside; I love the big pocket!

On August 29th, I wrote an Etsy Love feature about a lovely shop over on Etsy with gorgeous shabby chic items. I mentioned how much I adored the barkcloth handbag and it's been on my Etsy favorites list since then. It's just so feminine and beautiful and I have just wanted this for many months now.

Today I opened a package in the mail and there was the bag, and I am almost in tears. In fact, I am in tears.

You see, my dear friend, Trina, sent me a Christmas present "just because."

She told me something would be coming for me, which I was surprised and excited about. This morning we were emailing and she said it was coming from a far away place. Since that email I have been trying to guess what it could be--almost like Nick or Ben when I tell them I have a surprise for them and they guess about 100 times what that surprise could be.

I almost do not know what to say. I "met" this sweet lady online discussing bath and body products back some time in 2006. She is truly a wonderful person with a kind and generous heart and I have enjoyed our emails and chats talking about our favorite products.

The fact that Trina recalled this being a favorite item of mine and actually having it sent to me just because she knew I would love it means so much to me and I cannot thank her enough. I am thankful for her friendship, and every time I carry this bag (which I have already tossed my wallet, phone and little makeup bag in), I will think of Trina and I will smile.

Thank you, my friend. I truly appreciate these gifts--the gift of this gorgeous bag I will always adore, and the gift of your friendship which I will forever cherish.

"My friends are my estate."
                           -Emily Dickinson