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Back on Monday

The boys' snowman "shrunk" with the new snowfall.

Chic & Green will be back on Monday. We had a bit of a snow storm here and my mom was stranded with us. She came to babsit Ben so we could take Nick to have some testing done at an audiologist, and ended up having to stay another night because of the incredible snowfall.

Nick's been having some issues hearing in his left ear for the past several months. We're trying to get to the bottom of it, but have had to go through red tape to get him evaluated at age 5 rather than waiting until the standard age of 7.  Yesterday morning he had a lengthy test done  and will go back after the holidays for the second test with the diagnosis and treatment plan being presented to us at the end of next month. Seeing the difference between his right and left ears while having the testing done was of great concern and having a treatment plan and diagnosis can't come soon enough.

Tom ventured out for some Christmas shopping today (ahead of his typical schedule) and my tired boys are actually resting right now...I'm not allowed to call it a "nap" with them or they get upset, but they are both having "rest time."

I can't wait to share my BEST IN GLOW awards with you on December 23rd! 

I am sorry to be ignoring the blog a bit, but I am just enjoying this time with the boys and trying to get all of the last minute holiday items done.

See you on Monday!