Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

#2 of Cocoa Pink Holiday Orders

Cocoa Pink order 3097 has landed in Irondequoit.

It came this morning and is the 2nd of 4 holiday orders. This is another $8.99 (including shipping) mini sets.

Today I'm sharing pictures of the hair set in Eggnog Frosted Cupcake.

The hair collection includes 5 great items in generous try me sizes all scented with this delicious smelling holiday fragrance blend.

Again, this set arrives in a glossy red box with festive bow and provides the perfect presentation for gift giving.

I may be keeping this for myself, though. You see, the one thing about doing your own labels as opposed to having someone whose job it is to make sure the labels are perfect, is human error (typos). I do them when I am typing this blog fast, or answering an email when I am in a hurry and tired. We all do it because we're humans, not machines. 

That being said, the labels all have the "k" missing in cupcake. The soap I love ordering always is printed "Cake on Monday's" when there should not be an apostrophe. I am being picky, it may seem, but this is a real consideration when it comes to gift giving. My gift recipients include teachers, librarians, writers, and others who would surely notice these minute details. I would not be able to give them to those ladies on my list.

The product quality is definitely what matters above all else, of course.  The whole kit and caboodle needs to be taken into consideration, especially when the gifts are going to many who are new to Indie businesses.

I am certainly not complaining for only $8.99 total (could easily be sold for much more), don't get me wrong. I just have to decide whether I can give this to the intended recipient now.

I am really eager to get my third holiday order (order 3132), and I received an email today saying it has been shipped! At this rate, my final holiday CP order should arrive early next week. I'll be back with more details on those as they arrive.