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Silky Strands...and Delicious Smelling, too!

Yesterday I received 3 small bottles of Lady is a Shamp, the natural SLS and Paraben-Free shampoo from Starring...Fragrances!

Two of them will benefit from a bit of curing and one was ready to use this morning.  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of "curing", it is when you essentially let a handmade item sit on the shelf for a week or 10 days and let the fragrances evolve. You may have received etailer scents before that you might call "duds" or "too weak", but 75% of the time (my guesstimation) if you take them out and try again a week later, you'll adore the scents.

This morning I washed my hair with the Coconut Vanilla Custard Creme shampoo.

I am impressed thus far with the overall results in my hair. First, the consistency is thin. One might even call it runny. Before you say "Forget it", I want to remind you that thickness is not a measure of how good a shampoo will be. So many of us as accustomed to thick shampoos, but the truth is that artificial thickeners and extra guar gum are typically added to make a product thick. It has no reflection on how good a product is going to be.

I washed my hair once. With Lady is a Shamp, one washing does the trick and it does it well. I had a gentle lather. Again, without harsh detergents, do not expect a mass of suds. This still does lather, but it is subtle. 

I rinsed out the shampoo, which smells like creme brulee minus the caramelized sugar. Yum! After rinsing, I used my Crater Lake Company conditioner in Coconut Bavarois, which is a very nice scent to accompany the Starring...! shampoo.

My overall opinion is that Ashley makesa nice shampoo. While some may not like the thinner texture of the product, it is more than wonderful at gently cleansing the hair without leaving a residue. It is very gentle to processed hair. My hair is very manageable today--and the scent is long-lasting. Did I mention Ashley's amazing scent menu? It is full of decadent gourmand scents, as well as a host of florals and other single notes.

I highly recommend this shampoo if you can overlook the consistency and if you're looking for unique gourmand blends. Ashley is one of the best out there at customer service as well.

In fact, she is consistently in my top 5 (along with Sharonn at CLC, Nancy at Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps, Sue at Mad City Soap, and Jo at Jojoelle) in terms of stellar customer service to go along with consistently stellar product quality.