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The Perfect Gift for Bath & Body Lovers

JojoElle is having a holiday sale right now. If you haven't tried her after reading my reviews of her fabulous Hair Conditioner, you need to head right over and check out her Holiday Gift Set.

I am having a Handmade Christmas this year. With the exception of the toys for the boys and that little thing for hubby called a Wii, everything I am buying is from Indie etailers from Etsy and all over the web.

 Not only does buying handmade help the economy, but you are getting high quality products from people who love what they do. Almost every "etailer" I know is a mom who loves what she does and is afforded the opportunity to work from home. 

Instead of supporting a multi-million dollar corporation selling products containing harsh chemicals, you're buying from work at home moms who take great care to choose ingredients beneficial to your skin. Just be ingredients-savvy and do your homework and there are many great options. Plus, no parking spot wars like you'd get at the mall.

I have ordered Christmas presents from Cocoa Pink, Mad City Soap, Aunt Nancy's, JojoElle, Candles From the Keeping Room, as well as Red, White & Blue Bonnet (for Carol's GREAT bath bombs) thus far. I will do gift baskets for the ladies in my life with an assortment of handmade treats and I know they'll adore them.

I am very particular about packaging, though, when it comes to gift giving. Some companies I would buy from for myself I wouldn't give as a gift. JojoElle and Crater Lake Company are my two go-to companies when I want superior products and packaging.

JojoElle has a great gift set right now for $22.50. This will buy you 3 full-sized items in your choice of scents.

Last night I ordered a set from myself as a gift for going to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese with Nick yesterday. It was loud and hectic as Chuck E. Cheese always is. Nick had fun, though!

This morning I decided that it was such a great buy that I would order a second set to divvy up for some gifts. The deciding factor in ordering a second set is the fact that the Chocolate Boheme Perfume I ordered LATE THURSDAY (as in the 20th) arrived THIS MORNING. Fast shipping added to the fact that I smell so good equals another JojoElle order.

I really am eager to try her Whipped Bubble Scrub. The only foaming sugar scrub I have enjoyed in the past has been the So Broke scrub from Cocoa Pink, but this contains Propylene Glycol, an ingredient on my no-no list. JojoElle's scrub is propylene glycol free--a huge bonus!

Here is what I ordered from the fabulous Jo, and a description of these holiday scents as described on her website.

Gift Set 1:

Iced Eggnog Cupcakes (Frosted Glass Perfume, 1oz.): Sweet and spicy eggnog folded into our signature cupcake blend. Topped with buttercream frosting, whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg! 

Marshmallow Snowflurry (Whipped Bubble Scrub, 4 ounces): A Flurry of marshmallows, holiday cupcakes, sugar cookies and sprinkles! and green ones of course!

Lemon Cream Cheese Cupcakes (Hair Conditioner, 4 ounces): A scrumptious dessert of lemon bundt cupcakes with a decadent cream cheese frosting!

Gift Set 2:

Christmas in Tahiti (Frosted Glass Perfume, 1 oz.): Creamy Island Coconut, sweet and tart cranberries, soft, gooey marshmallows, and crunchy gingerbread!

Cremasse (Ultra Luxe Lotion 4 oz.):  A delicious Haitian holiday drink of rum, coconut milk, condensed milk and a hint of eggnog spices.

Red & White Peppermint Cake (Whipped Bubble Scrub): Soft wedding cake with a peppermint candy cane swirl! Back from last year!

If you're pondering a JojoElle order, she has a great Goody Bag free with any purchase of $25 or more and free shipping if you spend over $75. Her shipping costs, though, are very low if you are placing a small order.

If you're new to JojoElle, I can tell you that you will love her products. Click the link as fast as you can and buy a Gift Set today. It's a great way to try 3 of her products and 3 different scents.