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I took Benjamin to Tim Horton's this morning. We go 4 days a week (Fridays we go to a local diner for pancakes). The people at Tim Horton's know us well enough to know what Ben wants when he says "the usual, please." 

First, we walk Nick over to school. He has half day kindergarten, so the 2.5 hours in the morning are Mommy and Ben time.

While we're at Tim Horton's Ben enjoys chocolate milk and a couple of Timbits (their version of a doughnut hole) while I have a nice mug of coffee. After our morning snack today, we went across the street to Walmart. I needed to run in for some padded mailers and Ben wanted to look at toys.

While we were there, I came across the 25th anniversary Cabbage Patch Kids. They look the way they did back in 1983 when I got my first one. I remember--it was a red haired boy with blue eyes and a pacifier. Gregory Delmar was his name. I changed it to Adam Brian. Adam has a green jumpsuit...Next came Brooke Amanda, Deanna Karley, Ashley Michelle, and two other boys. I forgot their names, although I do still have their adoption papers along with the dolls in the basement. My mom would get me handmade outfits for the dolls from a little shop run by elderly women in Newark, New York called the Crafter's Boutique, which closed many years ago.

When I saw the dolls, I smiled. I didn't yet have a Christmas present for my 3 year old niece, Matilda, and I decided I would get one for her. I know I was 8 when I got mine (8 in the early 80s is a world apart from 8 these days, isn't it?), but I hope she will loves hers as much as I did mine.

I found the doll above--a brunette with pretty green eyes.

I don't buy much from mass market stores these days. In fact, most of the birthday and Christmas gifts I have already purchased are from the many wonderful shops on Etsy and other Indie businesses. I'll still find her something lovely from Etsy, I am sure, but I wanted Matilda to have one of the dolls that I so loved as a child. 

Seeing these dolls really took me took me back 25 years. I remember how badly I wanted one. My mom waited at the crack of dawn in front of the now defunct Ames store in Macedon (a tiny town along the Erie Canal near why I grew up). To get the advertised CPK doll, parents had to be given a ticket. My mom waited but didn't get there in time. I was so sad. We finally found one at a tiny toy store in Perinton (also closed) called Winkin, Blinkin and Nod toys. They had the dolls and my mom bought one for me. It was close to Christmas and she said I could open it Christmas Eve. I waited and waited to open the package--it was one of my favorie gifts of childhood.

Anyway, now that I have rambled's funny how on doll on rollback for $24.88 can bring back so many memories!