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My New Favorite Shampoo!

I have tried several handmade shampoos from many great Indie companies. My main requirements when searching for a great shampoo are that the formula be free of parabens and SLS.

On weekends I typically use my honey beer shampoo and an apple cider vinegar rinse. During the week I wash my hair every other day and I like to have something wonderful smelling to layer with my other bath and body treats.

I have found some good shampoos--Squeaky from Cocoa Pink and the shampoo from Starring...! which I also enjoy.

Truth be told, I do prefer a liquid shampoo. When my dear friend from Texas recently suggested In A Lather's "Shampoo that Rocks", I almost didn't try it. I like the convenience of a liquid and I have tried too many shampoo bars I didn't like.

I have to say I am so happy I ordered! 

I decided to order the Lemon Curd shampoo. For $8.50 you get a large semicircle shaped bar of shampoo. It actually will last a very long time if you keep it in a dry place between uses. I keep mine with my bars of Aunt Nancy's soaps. It is so easy to use--simply glide it on wet hair and it lathers quite nicely.

At first I wasn't too keen on the scent. I have London Lemon Curd fragrance oil, as well as several bath and body items in this scent. This reminds me of a Luden's cough drop at first.  it has a medicinal aroma. That being said, it then mellows to a very nice herbal lemon. It's not like the straight up bakery lemons, but when you layer it with more "foody" lemons or plain lemon essential oil, it works beautifully!

In my shower, I pair this wonderful shampoo with Crater Lake Company's True Lustre Conditioner in London Lemon Curd. Together, they work in harmony. I then use my hair mist in my lemon and vanilla House Blend. What a perfect trio!

I'd like to tell you a bit more about that shampoo's effectiveness in my hair. This is, without a doubt, the best handmade shampoo on the market. It is so loving to my color treated hair. It soothes my scalp, which can sometimes get dry. While being soothing, the herbally infused recipe stimulates the scalp and gives a feeling of invigoration at 5:45 am when I am in the shower.

There have been other shampoos I have truly enjoyed. This one is just a bit better....enough to proclaim it the best out there!

I have to also say that customer service is wonderful, as is turnaround time. I only wish she offered more fragrances. She has some great herbal scents and lovers of Pink Sugar will be happy because she does carry this scent, too.

I am so glad because I feel I can finally stop shopping for the "perfect" shampoo which is free of those aforementioned nasties. I feel better about using this one on my boys as well since it's not loaded with synthetic fragrances.

If you're looking for a great shampoo, you need to head right on over to Etsy's In a Lather. While you're there, tell her Chic & Green sent you on over.