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Mad in Mad City Soap

Last weekend I ordered 3 perfume roll ons for the holidays from Sue at Mad City Soap.

You may recall me telling you how sinfully delicious smelling the 2 custom holiday scrubs are that I ordered from her a couple weeks back. They smell so divine that I ordered 3 perfumes (3 for $10 in her shop--a bargain) to go along with them.

Here is what I ordered:

*A blend of Iced Gingerbread with Marshmallow Cocoa
*A blend of Marzipan and Pizzelle Cookie
*A blend of Secret Recipe Egg Nog and Sugar Cookie Royale

They arrived a few days ago and I have let them cure a bit and they smell fabulous!

The first blend reminds me of gingersnaps with a confectioner's sugar icing. The "bite" of the gingerbread is softened with an ultra creamy hot cocoa with marshmallow pillows sitting on top. It is really quite exquisite--warm and comforting, while being so rich with a glimmer of spice. This is my favorite of the bunch, and they are all really decadent smelling.

The Marzipan blend is also really nice. Picture a waffle cone scent with richer almond notes. It's nice as well.

Lastly, the creamy egg nog is heavenly. It almost has a custard note (yum) to it and when you add the buttery sweet sugar cookie to it, it is just the perfect scent to wear on Christmas Eve!

Sue's holiday fragrances are wonderful. Having them blended together created some really unique and delicious scents.

You're getting these scrumptious smelling perfumes in your choice of bases for $3.33 each. You absolutely cannot beat that--and Sue's roll ons are better than some that are nearly 3 times that amount.

As always, customer service is top notch. Sue is a genuinely friendly person with a love for what she does. It shows in each item she creates.

I know I've done my gift guide item for the day, but may I suggest ordering 3 for yourself and another set of 3--you'd have 3 stocking stuffer items in the one batch!