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Hair Care Day!

I placed two hair care orders today :)

I just ordered some more of my favorite Jojoelle Hair Conditioner, which is simply wonderful!
I am trying 2 new to me scents from Jo: Color Cream (vanilla ice cream, caramel, marshmallow and white musk) and Chocolate Boheme (gingerbread and dark chocolate).

I'm loving the Hair Conditioners I ordered from Jo early this fall. In fact, my Iced Pumpkin Cupcakes is nearly gone. The Chocolate Framboise is another great fragrance for cooler weather, with the rich dark chocolate and sweet raspberries.

I am also trying some 2 ounce bottles of "The Lady is a Shamp" Jojoba Shampoo from Ashley at Starring...! Fragrances. Her shampoo is SLS-free, paraben-free and free of just about every other nasty out there. I am trying the following scents, none of which I have tried before: The America's Sweetheart (red apples, brown sugar, vanilla ice cream), Coconut Vanilla Custard Creme (vanilla custard, coconut milk and toasted coconut), and Renaissance Marchpane (almond pastry, sugar, almond marzipan).

Don't they all sound so delicious?

I'll post pictures and reviews when they arrive!