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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly...

Some great samples from Cocoa Pink!

Cake on Mondays Soap--Love It!

Yum! These smell heavenly!

So Broke Sugar Scrub in Pumpkin Bakery Explosion

Inside of scrub cap

Cupcakes from Baby Cakes on Etsy

Part of the Chic & Green motto is "all things lovely." I am so happy to have found some absolutely incredible Indie businesses over time I have been writing this blog (and even before that), but this is real life and not everything is always sunshine and daisies!

It's funny, because I was recently asked if I ever have a less than stellar experience buying Indie. Truth be told, I can only count on one hand the number of times I've had some not so great orders. Unfortunately, two of these have happened in a week's time.

I think buying from Indie businesses is wonderful. I have an Indie business. I have many close online friends with Indi businesses. My business makes it so I do not/will not have to work outside the home again, and for that I am so incredibly thankful. I've met incredible people, from internet customers to new people in my town whom I may never have met if not for having my company. I've come to know great ladies with their own businesses, whether it be bath and body, handbags or candles. Let's not forgot that buying Indie helps the US economy!

Writing Chic & Green is something I adore. Like my facial product line, I truly put my heart and soul into this and when I have a less than positive experience, I find it hard sometimes to write something critical because that's just not in my nature. It's actually hard for me to speak up at times because I'm not in love with making waves.

I was mentioning this to a friend tonight and she gave me some great advice--that this is my blog and I should just tell it like it is. I also feel a sense of responsibility to my readers who often purchase items based on my suggestions and Etsy Love pieces. No one wants to spend money on things that aren't what they're expected to be.

So, here I am sharing a couple of these experiences with you tonight.


Recently I did an Etsy love feature on a cupcake shop over on Etsy with very affordable, no frills cupcakes. I received them last week, and was a bit shocked by how different they are from the pictures in the Etsy shop. The Red Velvet Cake arrived with hardly any frosting and the cup was just over halfway full. It tasted yummy, although not really like the Red Velvet Cakes I ate in Savannah, which had a strong cocoa note. This almost had a berry note, which is not a traditional flavor in Red Velvet Cake.

The Marshmallow Mocha had its own issue with the topping. I think that the top was placed on the cupcakes then everything was still hot because the marshmallow topping had almost gelled over. It was chewy, quite frankly. It was really something I could not eat and it had to be thrown out. It was not something I would in good conscience recommend. You can see the bubbles on top. I should tell you that on this seller's Etsy shop announcement, the marshmallow topping is no longer being used on the cupcakes. I am wondering if other customers experienced something similar.


My other experience is bittersweet because I *love* what I have received from this company and have sung its praises since I began ordering. As mentioned before in Chic & Green, I adore the scrubs from Cocoa Pink. In fact, I have quickly gone through 3 So Broke Body Scrubs: Marshmallow Cake on Mondays Noel, Candy Corn, and Tiramisu. They were all so heavenly that I ordered a 4th scrub in one month, this time in Pumpkin Bakery Explosion. I was so, so eager to get this one.

When I got my package today, I took my camera right out because I usually share my orders with you on this blog. I opened my package, had lovely samples of the Lavish Bubbles scrub and a soap, and then checked out my two new Conditioning Sugar Scrubby Bars--one in Cake on Mondays and the other in Pumpkin Frappuccino. 

My second bar of Original Cake on Mondays goat's milk soap was also in this order. I was (am) very thrilled with these, as I have been with my previous orders.

The last thing I opened in the package was the So Broke Sugar Scrub in Pumpkin Bakery Explosion. The Cocoa Pink scrubs are always so lovely on the inside that I just had to take a picture, as I have done before. I was really shocked when I opened up this particular jar. When you see the photo, you can see why.

I obviously was (am) very, very concerned. Mold actually forms very easily and can form very quickly. If the right environmental factors exist, it can form overnight. I contacted Cocoa Pink and heard back that the black spots are "cute candy sprinkles."  I was told by the customer service rep that I will be issued a refund for the scrub. I have been.

Being in the business I am in, I have an at home kit with which to test for mold and other unwelcome visitors, so I can be sure what is (or isn't) in this. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to what we put on our skin since the body absorbs products. 

Like I said, I have ordered 3 other scrubs and have shared with you how much I loved them. They have been decorated as well, and all have had the same liner as this one. I am puzzled about what happened with this jar. I adore the So Broke scrubs, as you know from past posts. I truly do. If these are indeed candy sprinkles that have bled onto the liners, I will feel better. That being said, I would be apprehensive about ordering the scrubs I had in my shopping cart to give as Christmas gifts because I do not think anyone would want to open a present and have black spots all along the inside liner of their Christmas gift.

I feel a bit in a quandry, as I truly love the Squeaky shampoos I have used. I have four in my shopping cart as we speak. I love the Soul Mate conditioner, as it is divine for a deep treatment. I still recommend these products. I am a loyal customer and if I find a product I adore, I will buy it forever (an example of this would be the way I feel about Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps).  I will see how this situation is handled before I decide if I will place further orders.

So those two experiences would be the bad and the ugly of this week. The good? Well, my favorite bakery scented bar of soap: The Original Cake on Mondays came when I was nearly out. I'll use it with my new Cake on Mondays sugar scrubby bar tonight, as a matter of fact!

If you've read this far tonight, thank you. I just wanted to explain why it is hard for me sometimes to share when I have a less than positive experience/order, but also why I feel it should be shared with my readership.