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ETSY LOVE: The Best Cupcakes of the Bunch

I have tried practically every licensed cupcake shop on Etsy, either through my own purchases or those given as gifts, as well as shared with friends.

I have tried some really tasty ones, especially from Sugar Dreams Bakery and Bangerang Bake Shop (when it was called Fat Daddy). I have also had ones that were so horrible once they got to me in the mail that I had to throw them out. Tom wouldn't even eat them, and my husband is a human garbage disposal.

I can say with certainty from these cupcake-loving taste buds that the cupcakes from Glutenada are in a whole other class. They are superb. Superb.

I have been known to eat my Etsy cupcakes in one sitting. I am sure it is not the most health conscious thing on earth--perhaps that is why I am a happy size 12 as opposed to a cupcake-deprived size 4. With these scrumptious Glutenada cupcakes, however, they are such rich and decadent treats that I simply cannot eat more than a couple of bites in one sitting. Did I mention that these weigh well over ONE POUND each? I think each cupcake will last me a few days of nibbling here and there...unless my boys see them first!

When you order cupcakes, they arrive many times not looking anything like they do online. I have learned that the hard way. These are gift worthy. They containers are great  because they are 100% compostable. They are very eco-friendly. The cupcakes arrive without anything weird happening to the forsting's appearance. When you open the package, you're greeted by a plethora of mini chocolate chips. The frosting is very dense. These are gluten free, so I wasn't sure if they would taste a little "off" to me. You cannot tell they're gluten free. They taste like a fabulously dense cupcake made from scratch. 

I paid $8.50 for each cupcake. Cupcakes for half that size go for about the same price on Etsy and these taste so much better, look better and will last longer because they are so rich and decadent.

I ordered both Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Peppermint Surprise. After trying the peanut butter one, it came as no surprise how sinfully delicious the peppermint cupcake is. It tastes like an Andes candy if it were infused into a dark chocolate cake batter. Delicious!

I am always so happy to share with you items I have featured in Etsy Love when I have had the chance to look-smell-taste-touch them up close and personal. These are simply the best of the best and I cannot wait to order more as gifts for the holidays!

Adding in here because I forgot when this originally was posted: She also sent me two delicious frosted sugar cookies as a thank you gift! Nick and Ben, my expert cookie taste testers give the cookies a thumbs up (Nick) and a frosting all over the face grin (Ben).