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Darn that PMS!

Well here we go again wanting nothing but chocolate these past couple of days. Always on the hunt over at Etsy for some visual satisfaction of my chocolate cravings when they kick in, I am sitting here eating my Mayan Chocolate Caramels from Have It Confections, ordering a couple of cupcakes. Did I fail to mention that the caramels I featured on Etsy Love a couple of weeks back are sinfully delicious? They are wonderful!

I was actually on the Glutenada website looking at their famous Charssi Spoon Fudge (haven't tried it, but sure plan to) and saw a link for their cupcakes on Etsy.

All of the items sold at Glutenada are gluten free. My sweet Aunt Joan has Celiac's Disease and cannot eat anything containing gluten or she becomes very ill. These cupcakes caught my eye because they might be nice to send her as a treat someday or to serve her here when they visit again from Tucson.
What looks so appealing about these cupcakes (in addition to how tasty they look) is that each cupcake cup is 16.5 to 18.5 ounces. That would be enough for "normal" people to share! The cups are actually very eco-friendly and are made from corn starch. How interesting is that?

I ordered 2. I also love that there is flat rate shipping of $6.50. Some sellers charge that per cupcake to ship. I am trying the Chocolate Peppermint Surprise and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Collision. They look really delicious!

As soon as they arrive, I'll share pictures and a review!