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Chic & Green will be late today

October 30th Irondequoit Post, page 5A

From the 11/5 Community Post, front page

Sorry readers! I am running behind today with posting on Chic & Green.

I have just been really, really busy (in a good way) with getting orders done. I have a GREAT shop to share with you later on, a FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL scrub order from Mad City Soap, a shampoo order from In a Lather, and a couple of holiday gift ideas!

Check back tonight after my kiddos go to bed and I'll be blogging away!

ALSO....KZM was featured in 2 newspapers this week: The Courier-Journal in Wayne County, where I grew up, and on the front page of this week's COMMUNITY POST, an area weekly shopping guide which is mailed to every home in this suburb. HOW COOL--in this article, though, the reporter forgot to put a link to my Etsy shop for the readers. Because of this, I have had double digit phone calls each day to place orders or else find out my web address. As much as I like getting the phone from 8am until after 9pm with greetings such as "Is this the goat milk lady?" I'd prefer to be contacted through Etsy or my email account.

The reporter did put a link to my blog, though. If you found your way here via that article, please visit my Etsy shop to order products by clicking this link. Thanks so much!