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Chic & Green Needs Your Help!

I've mentioned before that I am easily tempted by late night infomercials. Bare Escentuals, The Ped Egg, Nads, and Wen by Chaz Dean are among the ones I've caved in and tried over the years. Even Nick was lured in by the Betty Crocker 100 piece decorating kit last winter. He even asked Santa for it and Santa must've caved in an called the 800-number, because it was under our tree Christmas morning.

My brain tells me that most of what you hear is ridiculous, especially the latest one on tv saying, "Karley, pick up the phone and order me"--Smooth Away. For those of you who haven't seen the pitch, it's a hair removal system. It looks like sand paper disks. You use them in circular motions and Voila! the hair is gone. It says it is completely pain free and effective at removing stubborn hair.

I am a no pain kind of girl. I've done waxing for years and it hurts like crazy. When I shave, I always manage to get distracted and cause a nick that leaves a scar for months. It's not pretty.

Given that I like silky smooth skin and because I don't think my husband would want me to wear skirts with a forest growing on my legs, I am always searching for quick, effective hair removal methods. I'm part Greek and am blessed with very fast growing thick and coarse hair, so you see my predicament.

I have even made my own all-natural hair removal treatment with honey and molasses, but you still have to rip that hair out.

So, my dear readers, has anyone out their tried Smooth Away? If I act right now, they'll send me a second set! How can a girl resist?

If you've tried it, please let me know! Otherwise, you may be hearing a review in the next couple of weeks from me.