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Chic & Green Etsy Love Gift Guide: Day 4

Homemade jams are always a hit. There's nothing like a delicious jam on a slice of warm toast.

My sister in law, Laura, once made some exquisite jams for my mom to share with me. They were so good that I have often wondered why she doesn't set up a little shop down in North Carolina, where she lives. Or even on Etsy. 

I spied some decadent sounding jams at Lemon Bird Handmade Jams on Etsy I think I may buy as holiday gifts. I plan to try some soon before I order others for gifts and am looking forward to it!

How about Candy Apple Crunch Jam? Or this sinfully delicious looking one: Orange and Dark Chocolate with Cardamom? Kumquat and Dark Chocolate? As long as there is dark chocolate you know Chic & Green is right there!

Jams range from $5 to $7 in this shop and would be great as part of a gift basket with jams, homemade bread or muffins, etc.