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Chic & Green Etsy Love Gift Guide: Day 29

Fargo, North Dakota's DoggieLicious Gourmet Dog Treats brings us today's Chic & Green Gift Guide item of the day!

I was searching Etsy for a Christmas present for our dog, Cannon, and I came across some decadent doggie treats your pooch will love.

How about some Carob & Yogurt Dipped Biscuits? Pumpkin Twists? The shop offers doggie-safe bakery treats from cookies to muffins. Prices are very competitive as well.

What I like most is that fact that these are healthful, preservative free treats. Only natural ingredients are used.

Every dog I have had has truly been part of my family, from Hershey, the stubborn Cocker Spaniel who got me through my parents' divorce and awkward teenage years to Buddy, another black Cocker Tom and I got at the Humane Society in our early 20s. He was a remarkable companion who was like a child to us.

Now there is Cannon, our 90+ pound German Shepherd, also from the Humane Society. While he is huge and believes he is a lap dog, he is wonderful with our boys and surely deserves a special gift this holiday season!

Head right on over to DoggieLicious Gourmet Dog Treats on Etsy. Get that faithful companion of yours something he'll truly enjoy (get that idea that Fido wants a sweater out of your head)!