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Candles From the Keeping Room Review

Bag of Tarts from Candles From the Keeping Room

Today we're going to take a small detour from Etsy over to eBay.

Over the past week or so, I have ordered from 3 eBay sellers and am 3/3 with outstanding orders!

I focus so much on Etsy that I need to remember every now and then that there are some great places for gifts on eBay as well.

Over the next couple of days, I'll give in depth reviews of some of these great shops. Today I'd like to start with my favorite (and they were all good).

Candles from the Keeping Room is going to be my go to shop for primitive and grubby tarts without a doubt! I ordered a few different packages of tarts to put in holiday gift baskets for friends and family this year, and they are really good.

Carol, the owner of this shop, creates cozy and spicy scents which remind me of being in a gift shop full of primitives in Upstate NY on a cool fall day. Tarts are really "grubby" in style and just are so warm and welcoming. They arrive in a cello bag with prim ribbon.

As I mentioned, most of these are gifts, with the exception of one bag of tarts. Luckily, Carol included some amazing extras, including a strongly scented holiday delight, Vanilla Iced Cinnamon Roll. I had this burning all day for Thanksgiving and it scented the whole house for about 10 hours (before I turned it off). In all honesty, it was a bit too strong about an hour into burning, and I thought it was going to make my allergies flare up. After a few hours, it mellowed out into the perfect holiday home scent!

Tarts are very reasonably priced and the scent throw is amazing. If you love bakery and holiday spice scents, this should be your next stop while shopping for tarts. You can get a bag of 6 for only $4.75. 

I was so impressed by this shop that I placed a small order today just for me! I ordered one bag of Vanilla Iced Cinnamon Rolls, a 3 ounce grubby muffin tart in Cinnamon Blueberry Harvest, and a 7 tart sampler of bakery/fall scents for 4.95.

Shortly after ordering, Carol let me know she received my order and would be mailing my order Monday. Her customer service is impeccable. I will be back again I am quite sure! I know my gift recipients will also enjoy their tarts!