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Bon Bons!

Chic & Green's Expert Taste Tester in Training, Master Benjamin

Inside the moist & delicious carrot cake bite

The four varieties I ordered in my dozen

The two boxes I received (6 per box)

Earlier today I received an order from the lovely Heather at  Sugar Smitten Sweets on Etsy. They offer a nice selection of homemade treats, from white chocolate fudge to these heavenly cake bites. They call them "Devil's Bon Bons" in this shop. I will just call them out of this world good.

I thought since domestic divas like myself are rumored to sit around watching soap operas while eating bon bons all day,  I just might have to order some to fit the stereotype.

What I like about this shop is that fact that each bon bon is customizable. You know I like custom blended fragrances--and if it takes me 20 minutes to choose the three scrub scents I'd like in each Mad City Soap scrub, imagine how long I agonized over the cake bite combinations :)

For $12.95 you get one dozen large truffle-sized cake bites. They are worth every penny.

You can choose up to 4 different cake bites, so I chose four varieties.

You can really make up your own unique creation. First, you choose a cake flavor. Next, choose a buttercream. After than, you have the daunting task of selecting mix ins. Lastly, you choose what you'd like it dipped in. YUM.

Here are the ones I chose:

*Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream and Pecans dipped in white chocolate

*Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Buttercream,  Rice Krispies and Chocolate Shavings dipped in Dark Chocolate

*Devil's Favorite, which is their creation of 
Devil's Food Cake with Hot Fudge Butter Cream, dipped in Dark Chocolate

*Chocolate Cake with Hot Fudge Buttercream, Butter Toffee and Coconut Dipped in Dark Chocolate

My Thoughts

Now I must confess, I ripped this package right open and had to sample some. Nick is napping, but Ben is down here and he was eager to help me try one. The cake is incredibly moist. You very often end up with dry cake when you order bakery treats through the mail. The cake tastes as if it were made this morning. All are incredibly delicious and I will definitely be ordering some for Christmas gifts!

Of the four, one stands out as being the most delicious of the bunch. Now, they are all wonderful, but I am a carrot cake fanatic.  As much as I love chocolate, Carrot Cake has been my most favorite kind of cake since I was old enough to eat cake.

This is perhaps the best carrot cake I have ever tried. You have the pecans in it, and you can taste pineapple and raisins. It is so delicious. I had this dipped in white chocolate. I'm not a white chocolate fan, but with this carrot cake and cream cheese buttercream, it is the perfect companion.  These are so delicious. 

These are 100% gift worthy as well. In fact, I am headed back today to buy a gift for someone special.

Head over to Sugar Smitten Sweets today and tell them that Chic & Green sent you...while you're there, order the carrot cake ones--a true must have.