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300 Posts!

Wow. I just noticed when I was writing some things to save here on Blogger that yesterday's "Bon Bons!" post was my 300th post! If you look back at the Chic & Green archives, you'll see that I did not start posting daily (sometimes more often) until late July. I didn't think I could make time to be a regular blogger.

I've come to realize how much I missed writing regularly. My first job in high school, with the exception of babysitting, was at a weekly paper in Wayne County, NY called the Times. For a couple of years, I covered high school sports, wrote up some super exciting (kidding) rundowns of school board meetings, and more. I thought I might be a journalist one day, but that was what my Dad did all of his life and I worried I would be married--in a way--to my career.

I started Chic & Green in 2007 with no focus or direction. I sometimes posted only once a month. I guess I wasn't sure which direction to head with my little blog, which has continued to grow in terms of regular readership each week. Writing about things I love, being truly authentic so me readers know me, and providing regular content is what has made me blog daily. Plus, I love it--I do much of my writing at night, often sitting with my journal to brainstorm ideas and jot down products I'd like to talk about.

I am really happy with where Chic & Green is heading--and I plan to continue daily posting of Indie shopping, beauty and all things lovely for a long time to come. I just want to thank everyone who reads this blog each day and continues to come back for more.

I better get working at finishing post 301!