Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Spinning Straw Into Silk

Karley as a brunette

Waiting for free-hand highlights to process

Almost done with the final color application

Straw...or maybe it was more like hay...after coloring

Hair after drying it this morning...last night used Monoi de Tahiti oil on it, this morning was Cocoa Pink Squeaky in Sweet Pumpkin and Soul Mate in Sweet Pumpkin

If you are a regular reader, you'll know from my post of last Monday that I decided to go dark with my hair. I am very, very fair and thought I would go chocolate brown with my hair. I was in one of those I want something completely different moods.

I made myself try it for a week. I liked pictures--but looking in the mirror was another story. I know it doesn't make sense. Or maybe it does, if you're like me. I went brunette once before and kept it for about 3 or 4 months. I thought I could do it again and just didn't "get" why I am so uncomfortable going outside of my comfort zone when it comes to coloring my hair.

Last time I went dark, I was in a cast up to my knee from falling down the stairs, I had a newborn and a 2 year old and it was the dead of winter in upstate NY. Since I didn't leave often that winter to cart the boys around in my walker or wheelchair (I couldn't drive anything but that wheelchair for several weeks), no one saw me with my new hair except for family, friends and my physical therapist. I wasn't facing the world with a new hair color.

I do not know what it is. I have had hair below my shoulders. I have had it an inch long. I have had it cut all different ways because I love to play with hair styles...hacking off my hair on a whim into a pixie has never phased is the color I have an issue with. Don't get me wrong. I am far from a hair coloring virgin. I have platinum blond, strawberry blonde, dark blonde, ash blonde, golden blonde and every shade in between since college. 

Being the rebellious one I once was, I decided to get my ears pierced with a second hole and my hair reddish blonde my first weekend away at college--not so much because I wanted to, but because my mom told me I couldn't when I was in high school. What rebellion that was for an 18 year old--or for a small town girl away from Mom for the fist time, it seemed rebellious at the time.

I have become very comfortable with my color. Naturally, it is kind of a boring dark blonde. It used to be so vibrant--as I grew older, it just became a medium to dark blonde. My "comfort zone" is what suits my skin tone well. I can do it myself and I always end up going back to it--a medium champagne shade (Revlon Color Silk Champagne Blonde) with highlights (believe it or not, Revlon Frost & Glow). I add in a few lowlights with Complements from Sally in color 6N. It works well for me this way. I don't know why I stray.

So in the past week, my hair has been "filled" with a red to go over my highlights so the dark brown wouldn't be greenish-muddy. Then I put a chocolate brown over it. Then it was a bit red which looked bad with my cool skintone, so I had to get Natural Instincts in the non-brassy browns to tone it down. After hating the color I was looking at in the mirror, I used the Revlon Frost & Glow kit for brunettes to lighten...then my old standby Colorsilk in Champagne Blonde on the roots and to tone down a couple of too bright highlights...and now I am content...right back where I started.

You could say my hair has seen its share of damage in 7 days alone--boy, it sure has. Today when I took my son to school, a woman I know told me how healthy and shiny my hair looks. She asked which salon did my hair. That is how healthy and shiny it is today. If she only knew how much it has been through lately, or that a couple of days ago it looked like STRAW


I firmly believe that my hair is in great shape today because of being SLS-free for over a year, and because I rarely, if ever, use silicones. Every other night before I go to bed, I apply my blend of Monoi de Tahiti and Evening Primrose Oils lightly and let it sink out while I sleep. I wash my hair every other day, normally with my beer shampoo. Because I miss fall fragrances, I have also been enjoying Cocoa Pink Squeaky shampoo. I do an apple cider vinegar rinse, in the fall, once weekly. My favorite conditioners are Jojoelle Hair Conditioner and Crater Lake Company True Lustre.

I also have to give a massive rave for Soul Mate by Cocoa Pink. Ilona from CP sent me a sample of this deep treatment with my first order (yes, there has been a second order now). I applied this after the weekend fiasco of going back to blonde. At the start, it looked straw like.In fact, if I lived in the country, I think that some horses would be munching on my hair as I walked along side them.

 The conditioner in the hair coloring boxes is OK, but generally laden with silicones and other ingredients I'm not in love with. Soul Mate has a tiny amount of silicones, so I will limit it to once a week because of my own personal preference to avoid them. This is a GREAT deep treatment for those of you, like me, who love to smell like pumpkin pie or some kind of heavenly scented cake.

My hair is shiny again. The color is the one that suits me best...and it has been proven to me again that the ingredients we chose to both avoid and to use have a great effect on our hair!