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Rub a Dub Dub Dub: My 2 Favorite Scrubs!

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I use a body scrub several times per week. Perhaps I am a bit of an exfoliation fanatic. 

I love my salt scrub found in a past DIY Wednesday. Also check out my recipe from a previous Chic & Green post to make your own foaming sugar scrubs. You can imagine that I really do not have time to make my own scrubs for a relaxing bath or shower. I started purchasing scrubs from Indie businesses last winter.

After trying some wonderful scrubs out over the past several months, I am happy to say I have two scrubs I can easily say are the BEST in this scruboholic's eyes.

Even though I p[refer non-lathering scrubs, I have even tried several foaming sugar scrubs. I have never purchased a foaming scrub that I've enjoyed until now. All have left a greasy film on my skin or have a strong base scent. Others contain parabens which I've avoided for nearly 2 years. When I placed my first of three orders from Cocoa Pink a few weeks ago, I ordered 2 of her So Broke Sugar Scrubs. They are $6 per jar and come in a variety of scents. I ordered Candy Corn Marshmallow and Marshmallow Cake on Mondays Noel in the first order. 

A week later, I ordered one in Tiramisu. I am now awaiting a jar of Pumpkin Bakery Explosion, which I think will layer beautifully with the Sweet Pumpkin Squeaky Shampoo from Cocoa Pink and Iced Pumpkin Cupcakes Conditioner I use often with it from Jojoelle.

Obviously, I love these scrubs. This is the only foaming sugar scrub I have purchased that I truly like. Not only is it paraben-free, but it cleanses very gently while effectively exfoliating my arms, legs and torso. The scents Ilona of CP offers are divine. The only one I cannot use is the Tiramisu. While it smells absolutely delicious, the coffee notes are always iffy with my skin. I never know it the scent will work with my chemistry, and this scent smells off once it hits my skin. The Candy Corn Marshmallow was so nice. It was gone in a week.

I am working on finishing the Marshmallow Cake on Mondays Noel as we speak. I'm eager to try out my newest one! By the way, the scrub I just mentioned smells incredible when used in conjunction with the original Cake on Mondays Goat's Milk Soap. This is the best bakery scented bar of goat's milk palm oil free soaps I have ever used. I also have more of this on the way in my order from Friday night!

I've said before that Whipped Sugar Scrub from Mad City Soaps is my holy grail caliber sugar scrub. It is...for night time. I adore this when I am taking a hot bath. The oils and soft sugars just protect, nourish and make my skin silky. If you want super soft, silky skin with a non-greasy sheen, I prefer the MCS scrub in the whipped (non-foaming) formula. In fact, I just ordered a Thin Mint scrub on Saturday from Sue.

What I like about the So Broke Scrubs from Cocoa Pink is that they're perfect in the morning to invigorate the skin. They do soften, do not get me wrong. They rinse very cleanly and there is no oiliness left behind. This is great when worn under a body cream.

I'm thrilled to have found 2 fabulous scrubs to purchase. They both have their stand-out features and they both work differently, but in positive ways. Try them! When you do, tell them Chic & Green sent you!