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NEW Today at kzm Facial Care Boutique!

I am excited to introduce my brand new Signature Serum!

This is an antioxidant serum with anti-inflammatory properties and is ideal for preventing and treating existing lines.

What I love is that it truly is for all skin types. I love essential oils, and as an aromatherapist, I believe in the benefits of using them for skin care as well. This is a very gentle anti-aging serum because I have opted not to use the essential oils. If you're suffering from rosacea or eczema or just cannot tolerate a floral or herbal scent from plant-derived oils, this is ideal for you.

It contains only 4 ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Olive Squalane and Green Tea Extract.

Although it's simple and natural (and Vegan as well), it really packs a punch.

Here is some background on the 4 ingredients:

OLIVE SQUALANE: This is vegan and derived from olive oil, as opposed to sharks like many forms of squalane.Squalane penetrates deep into the skin and can actually aid in cell regeneration.It hydrates without being greasy, is rather light, and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. In studies, it has been shown to help those with eczema. It helps to smooth and soften fine lines.This is wonderful for all skin types.

RICE BRAN OIL: This wonderful oil can held reduce imflammation and skin irritation. It absorbs very quickly without leaving a film on the skin. This oil is antioxidant-rich, as it contains vitamin E and gammaoryzanol. Rice Bran is a great, lightweight oil to give your skin a velvety feel.

HEMP SEED OIL: Richer in essential fatty acids than flax seed oil, this contains 57% linoleic and 19% linolenic acids. This is known for anti-inflammatory properties, healing abilities, and hydrating properties. This is also a lightweight, non-greasy oil.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT: Green tea extract is chock full of EGCG, an antioxidant complex. This green tea herbal extract is 100% USDA certified organic and is all-natural and free of any chemicals or pesticides 

I am offering my new Signature Serum at an introductory price of $10.50.

My other new products are going to be rolling out in the next week or so. I got my orders done ahead of schedule to return to my normal 3-5 business day turnaround time after my weekend of packing and shipping, so look for my new items by 14th or 15th at the latest!


As you can see, I have a new label design again :)

As kzm Facial Care Boutique continues to grow and gain even more publicity, it is very important that my logo truly represent the products. The kzm Facial Care Boutique line features elegant and luxurious feeling, high quality products at an affordable price.

I am also expanding by selling my line on Lollishops when the marketplace opens this holiday season. The theme behind Lollishops is feminine, romantic and very lovely. I did not want to do one set of labels for Lollishops and one for Etsy. 

My friend Beth (yes, I have to make a post mentioning "my friend Beth" once a week minimum, LOL) is a talented graphic designer and I asked her to make me something that reflects my love of shabby chic, yellow rose, purple pansies and simple elegance. As you can see, she hit the nail on the head!

Every single time I look at the new labels coming out of the printer, I think of my friend and I like actually knowing the person who made them because that makes them all the more special and perfect.

Thanks for listening to me ramble...I will post more later, but it is a very busy week!